Our team of experienced experts ensures that wind turbines are in good hands with F&B Group. The team consists of specialists in different types of wind turbines. This means that we always have experts available to work with any brand of wind turbine anywhere in the world.

To this end, we work towards long-term work relations, which means we form a close-knit team. Our team is a mix of project managers, senior maintenance engineers, newly trained engineers, and specialists in the field of purchasing, sale, and safety. 


At F&B Group, we work to provide a safe work environment for our team and customers on a daily basis. We are SCC-certified and work according to the work safety catalogue pertaining to wind energy companies created by the NWEA trade association, or Netherlands Wind Energy Association.

Safety during assembly and disassembly projects

At F&B Group, we possess all the needed permits to responsibly carry out assembly and disassembly projects. A good preparation is very important when performing assembly and disassembly projects. This starts with the appointment of a project manager. During projects, we develop an HSE plan, perform task risk assessment and draw up a lifting plan. All of this contributes to the safeguarding of health and safety, as well as the protection of the environment.

Safety of our maintenance engineers

All our engineers are in possession of an SOS-SCC diploma and VP NEN3140 and NEN3840 licenses. On top of this, they also own internationally acknowledged certifications from the GWO. Our engineers are required to obtain a GWO certification for safety training at heights, as well as an emergency response training. 

Additionally, we organise additional training for our team to guarantee a safe work environment. F&B Group also provides the necessary tested personal safety equipment for our engineers and project supervisors. 

At F&B Group, we also maintain our own electrotechnical safety policy for our maintenance engineers. An engineer’s level of training and knowledge determine what work they can perform. This process is supervised by our safety advisor.

Shoulder to shoulder

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients and partners. At F&B Group, we build on trust and our global relationships. We will not back away from any challenge and think in solutions to problems. The customer’s problems and worries are our own. With our experience and expertise, we will be able to share our know-how and come to solutions.


We are certified according to SCC 2008/5.1. With our SCC-certifications, we lay the foundation to operate in a safe and healthy way. On top of this, our experts have gone through all the necessary training.