Inspection and advice

The inspection of wind turbines contributes to the optimisation of their lifespans as well as their performance. A complete, independent inspection of the turbine is of the utmost importance. At F&B Group, we have the expertise to carry out inspections and deliver inspection reports. We give out advice on the basis of this inspection report. Inspections are available on a periodic and incidental basis. Our account managers are able to provide further information.

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High-voltage maintenance

F&B Group also provides maintenance for high voltage systems connected to wind turbines and wind turbine parks. We construct our plans in cooperation with the customer. If need be, we will carry out maintenance anywhere from the consumer substation to the transformers.

Spare parts

Optimal management of supply is an important step in getting a defective wind turbine back into action. For this reason, F&B Group maintains a large and well-organised warehouse. Thanks to our large warehouse and ample outdoor storage space at our Franeker office, we have direct access to a large number of spare parts. This is also ideal for our engineers, as the most common parts are often already available in stock.