Service and maintenance

Optimizing wind turbine performance. That is what we do. And we do so with a team that is specialised in service and maintenance. Our people possess years of experience as well as modern software and equipment that allow them to always be aware of and measure wind turbine performance.

  • Maintenance contracts and defects
  • Exchange and supply of primary components
  • Monitoring
  • Work safety inspections

Maintenance contracts and defects

The maintenance of a wind turbine is a very important step in getting the best possible performance out of a wind turbine. F&B Group devotes itself to maximizing the availability of wind turbines. We achieve this by employing a large team of maintenance engineers.

Round-the-clock accessibility in case of defects

We can draw up a maintenance contract that fits your requirements after starting a conversation with you. These contracts vary from maintenance contracts based on subsequent costing to full-service maintenance contracts that include insurance and round-the-clock availability.

On top of this, we can draw up a ten-year plan for the preventive maintenance of your wind turbine, if so desired. These contracts set forth agreements on topics such as reaction time in case of technical disturbances and the availability of your turbine. Our account managers are available to provide any further information you may need.

Exchange and supply of primary components

Has a generator, main bearing or gearbox broken down? F&B Group specialises in the exchange and supply of primary wind turbine components. F&B Group also takes care of the delivery and assembly of these primary components.


We monitor the wind turbines from our office in Franeker. Using a reliable communication system and a SCADA server, we operate the wind turbines remotely and analyse any possible disturbances. Thanks to our monitoring we always have a clear picture of your wind turbines, which results in optimal reaction times. This means that the turbine will not remain stationary for unnecessarily long amounts of time, because alarm notifications will always be received.

Work safety inspections

Safety lies at the heart of our activities; wind turbines simply must be safe in order to work in them. This safety is ensured by working in accordance with the Dutch Working Conditions Act. This means that a specially certified company must inspect all work equipment on an annual basis. This equipment includes fire extinguishers, ladders, climb assists, lifts, and electric hoists. F&B Group possesses the necessary certificates to carry out these inspections.

Together we can achieve more

We are F&B Group

We always stand shoulder to shoulder with our employers, willing to share our knowledge and take steps to make sure that a wind turbine’s efficiency and availability are the best they can be.

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