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Blade maintenance is important for a good production yield on wind turbines. F&B Group offers this expertise. We inspect, maintain and repair rotor blades of all brands of wind turbines.

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A wind turbine may be available at any time, but in the end, everything revolves around production yields. The production yield of the wind turbine improves when the rotor blades are well-maintained. By maintaining the rotor blades and keeping them in perfect condition, production yields are expanded.

Our experts are flexible and readily available. Rotor blade maintenance may be combined with other maintenance operations to prevent extended periods of inactivity for the wind turbine. F&B Blade Services always sends out a team of qualified experts to attend to the wind turbines. Our team is IRATA certified, has a GBS Blade Repair L3 certification and follows Sky Climber trainings.

Our team is both IRATA certified and carries a GBS Blade Repair L3 certification.


We perform cost efficient inspections with the help of either a telescopic inspection system or rope access techniques. Doing so, we save costs by foregoing the use of aerial work platforms and suspended scaffolds. After inspections, a detailed report will be put together containing findings and recommendations made by our experts.

The telescopic inspection system

Telescopic inspections are performed quickly and accurately from the ground level. The telescopic system consists of a stand, a HD camera placed on a motorised robotic head and a laptop. In this way, our experts identify any defects and record them in a report.

Rope access and suspended scaffolds

Our experts perform their duties using rope access techniques. This is a method of working at height which makes use of ropes, climbing harnesses and other climbing materials. Using this technique, our experts complete inspections, maintenance activities and repairs. F&B Blade Services also possesses its own Sky Climber scaffold, which is a kind of hanging platform suspended from the mast of the wind turbine. This way, blade experts can complete their work at height in a safe manner. Read more about our work process here.

Experts of F&B Blade Services that make use of rope access techniques.
Experts of F&B Blade Services that make use of rope access techniques.


You have also come by the right address at F&B Blade Services for any potential rotor blade maintenance. Just like the wind turbine itself, the rotor blades require periodical care. Preventive maintenance will spare you maintenance costs, noise pollution and potential damage in the future. On top if this, it will improve the production yield of the wind turbine. You can choose to incorporate this in your normal maintenance contract or a special maintenance contract for service to rotor blades. Apart from blade care, we can also provide care to the towers themselves.


When it comes to rotor damage, mischief often comes without calling for. Damage is often caused by lightning strikes, excessive wear, or erosion. Repairs will remedy any holes, tears, breaks and/or production faults. Additionally, any damage to the blades can also be resolved. Think of repairs to the flange, cables, or adjustments to the tip mechanism. Other potential activities are blade installation, optimization and replacement of the tip receptors and lightning conductor.

Our experts carry out repairs using several different methods. These methods include the use of rope access techniques, our own Sky Climber suspended scaffold or aerial work platforms. At every point of the process, from inspections to repairs, our specialists will write a detailed report with findings and recommendations.

At F&B Blade Services, we have our own Sky Climber, a platform that enables our experts to work close to the mast of the wind turbine.
At F&B Blade Services, we have our own Sky Climber, a platform that enables our experts to work close to the mast of the wind turbine.

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