Assembly and disassembly

With our well-trained and certified professional technicians, we are experts in constructing and decommissioning wind turbines. F&B Group performs this service on a worldwide scale.

  • Project management
  • Repowering
  • Purchasing, sale and storage

Project management

With our years of experience in the construction and decommissioning of wind turbines, you can be sure that the assembly and disassembly process is in the right hands with F&B Group. We are not afraid of a challenge and are able to apply for construction and demolition permits, as well as organise transport and logistics. All demands concerning permits, legislation and work safety are covered by our quality management. We always make sure to comply with the current norms for safety at work and environmental safety during assembly, disassembly, loading, and transportation.

F&B has all the skills needed for the successful completion of several different kinds of disassembly concepts. This encompasses preparatory work, disassembly, storage, and the transportation of wind turbines. This is important because it means the wind turbine can get a new life elsewhere.


Is a wind turbine due for replacement? F&B Group will aid you throughout the entire ‘repowering’ process, from the dismantling of an old turbine to the construction of a new one. In this process we stand shoulder to shoulder with the customer. We support and guide customers in the licensing process and provide them with advice.

Purchasing, sale and storage 

F&B Group has the expertise required to give a wind turbine a second life. We purchase the turbine and manage its sale anywhere in the world. In this way, we can reuse turbines or parts of turbines. This gives the used wind turbine a new function, which contributes to a better environment.

Has an old wind turbine already been sold, but is a lack of space preventing storage? F&B Group has plenty of room for the storage of turbines in the Dutch town of Franeker. 

Together we can achieve more

We are F&B Group

We always stand shoulder to shoulder with our employers, willing to share our knowledge and take steps to make sure that a wind turbine’s efficiency and availability are the best they can be.

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