We are F&B Group, consisting of the companies F&B Windpower, Green Energy Services and HST energy. We feel that we have a responsibility to treat the earth in a sustainable way. We believe in trust, expertise, and responsibility: for mankind, nature, and energy. That is why we work with wind energy, in a 35-person team, for 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


Our mission is to make the earth more sustainable in a socially responsible way. We accomplish this by getting the most performance from wind: both in terms of energy and results. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, share our know-how with them and are not afraid to take steps to make a wind turbine as efficient and easily available as it can possibly be.

Core values

We believe in trust, expertise, and responsibility for mankind, nature, and energy. We know what we are doing. This is all thanks to our team of experienced professionals. We have years of experience in the wind turbine sector. For instance, the founders of F&B Group, Pieter Thys Faber and Sjoerd Bartlema, first started working with wind turbines in the nineties.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship

We conduct business in a socially responsible manner. A sustainable relationship with the environment is one of our most important aims. We want to set a good example by promoting sustainable energy and do this by working with wind energy 24 hours per day, seven days per week. 

Using solar panels and a heat pump, our business property in Franeker is energy neutral. On top of this, we use our own wind turbines to provide electricity to thousands of households in the Netherlands. Our service vans also run on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. We have arranged our waste disposal in a sustainable way and deliver the separated waste material to SCC-acknowledged waste management facilities. Reusable materials get reconditioned and receive a new life elsewhere. 

We always strive to make our people feel like they are being heard and respected. We do this by acting in their interests and ensuring that we are a positive influence on their work life.

History of the company

Sjoerd Bartlema and Pieter Thys Faber are F&B Group’s founders. Both have been active in the world of wind turbines for roughly twenty years. Sjoerd started as an engineer and project manager at Micon and NEG Micon. In 2004 he founded and became manager of an independent service and maintenance company. As a crane operator, Pieter Thys was often involved in the construction and dismantling of wind turbines. He later became project manager at a wind energy company.

In 2014, Pieter Thys and Sjoerd founded F&B Windpower: a company specialised in the assembly and disassembly of wind turbines. When Pieter Thys and Sjoerd took over Green Energy Services in 2018, they expanded their expertise to service and maintenance. A year later they also took over HST Energy, expanding the maintenance branch of the company. With that, F&B Group was born.