F&B Group set to take over WNW from Eneco

Eneco intends to sell its subsidiary WNW to F&B Group on the first of October 2020. WNW is one of the larger Dutch providers of wind turbine service provision and maintenance.

WNW has committed itself to the realization and maintenance of wind turbines since 1993. It attends to the upkeep of a large number of onshore wind farms in the Netherlands. WNW’s wind-related activities mesh well with F&B Group’s activities. This agreement entails that F&B Groups will now be able provide a complete service package with regard to the installation, service and upkeep and deconstruction of wind turbines.

The wind farms and projects WNW is involved with can continue to rely on WNW’s dependable service provision now that it operates under the F&B Group brand. The company will continue to work from Friesland in the northern Netherlands and all its employees can join us in us in the merger.

Sjoerd Bartlema, managing director of F&B Group: ‘Our mission is to make our presence on earth more sustainable in a socially responsible way. We accomplish this goal by extracting the greatest possible energy yield from wind. Because of decades of experience within the wind turbine sector, we always complete projects in a structured, safe and timely fashion. In taking over WNW we now welcome eight wind experts to our company and in doing so we expand our knowledge and knowhow, especially in the area of blade maintenance. We will continue to apply ourselves to the further growth and development of wind energy in concert with our employers.’

Cees de Haan, managing director of Eneco Solar & Wind: ‘Eneco plays a leading role in making energy provision more sustainable, both within and outside of the Netherlands. The development and exploitation of wind farms plays an important role in that pursuit, both on land and in off-coast operations. For the maintenance of its wind farms, Eneco prefers strategic collaboration with specialized parties. By allocating WNW under F&B Group’s wing, WNW will become a part of one of these specialized parties, ensuring its ability to keep developing in the future as a part of F&B Group.’

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